Liquid Art set


This painting set is suitable for both total beginners in painting and advanced painters. If you’ve never done Liquid Art before, register for our online course and we will show and explain it to you. =)

The set contains:

1 round cotton canvas on cardboard 40cm diameter

1 cardboard box 45x45cm 

4 acrylic paints of your choice from Talens Art Creations, prepared for liquid art, 80ml

1 silicone oil 5ml + toothpick

1 brush with flat synthetic orange hair size 18

1 hook for hanging a picture

1 pair of disposable gloves

1 paper straw

1 napkin

2 paper cups for mixing colors

a template printed in color for inspiration

The paints and silicone in the set are guaranteed to be enough for 1 painting. If you like, you can buy extra paints.