Our artists


Hi, I'm Majka and I come from Moravia. Although I don't have the gift of fantasy as artists usually do, I excel at capturing reality. I also try to teach this at PaintPeople courses: from whole to detail, from realism to abstraction. My passion is figural drawing and especially creation of portraits. What I like the most about portraits is their very nature: capturing the form, features and expression of the person portrayed. Since sometimes I like to paint big, I also like wall painting. The icing on the imaginary cake of my artistic work are paintings, on which I interpret works of old masters in a modern way - take a look at my portfolio! In addition to art, my hobbies also include traveling, but not just any! I like adrenaline, adventure and learning about new cultures, so I travel by hitchhiking. Last time I went to Georgia (over 3000 km), which was definitely not my last hitchhiking trip. At PaintPeople, I like the fact that I can pass on my knowledge in a cheerful and relaxed environment.