Course of drawing – level 1

Portrait in 4 lessons

January 19 – February 9, 4 lessons, 10 hours of drawing, 1 final portrait, several sketches
Lesson duration – 2.5 hours plus a 20 minute break

In 4 lessons we will master the proportions of the face, we will learn to shape the volume of the eyes, lips, nose.

In a small group of participants the painter pays attention to each participant individually and together we create amazing portraits. You can take this course even if you have no experience in drawing.

The price includes all painting materials and 2 drinks of your choice in each lesson.

  1. 1. lesson - Tuesday
    19.01. at 17:30
    We will explain the basic proportions of the face en face and from the profile, light and shadow. We will try pencils of different hardnesses and show what they are used for. After that we are going to draw several sketches of schematic portraits.
  2. 2. lesson - Tuesday
    26.01. at 17:30
    We are going to draw eyes, lips, nose from different angles. We will try different ways of shading the face, such as hatching and handkerchief smearing. We will draw some test portraits.
  3. 3. lesson - Tuesday
    02.02. at 17:30
    We will start drawing a portrait according to the template you brought. We will learn the technique of transferring a portrait from a photo or picture to paper according to points.
  4. 4. lesson - Tuesday
    09.02. at 17:30
    We apply the techniques we have learned so far. We will finish the portrait according to your template.
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