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Photogallery Trafačka

Trafačka café and bar, the building of the former transformer station, founded by photographer František Kolář in Nitra in 2009, provides an exhibition space for important protagonists of photographic art and opens the door to contemporary talented photographers who've been fascinated by photography. The exhibition space on the ground floor of the transformer station is ideologically connected to the attic of the building, where there is a studio focused on working with historical photography. Trafačka is a space with year-round dramaturgy focused on all kinds of alternative art. It gives space to local initiatives for meetings, non-governmental organizations to organize their own events, high schools and universities to apply their projects in practice. History of the building: 1911 - Commencement of construction of transformer station 1915 - Start of transformer station and distribution of electricity 1974 - Power plants interrupted operation of transformer station 1988 - Demolition permit issued 2006 - Journal "Pardon" moved in 2007 - Launch of attic studio 2009 - First exhibition (end of June) 2011 - Opening of the cafe 2012 - Establishment of the civic association Galéria Trafačka.


Janka Kráľa 2741/65, 949 01 Nitra 0915482480